Gardens Over Time


Almost to the rapids

Above you see 8 months of growth on a west facing garden.  Notice how the colors and textures change as plants grow and fade throughout the season.  Click here to see more

Oh what a difference time makes! Above you see the Matter garden in Olympia, WA.  Rebuilt and replanted  with very young plants in March of 2011 on the left, and after a few months of growth on the right. A Seventh wonder garden doesn’t fade or degrade with time, but rather grows more beautiful by the day!  Click here to see more.

Vertical gardens are always growing, living and changing.  A common misconception people have about vertical gardens is the concern that they will fade over time. With proper care however, a Seventh Wonder garden is actually designed to look better over time. As plants fill in the gaps and naturally find their sun the panels begin to take on a life of their own. Half of the fun is watching them grow and change before your eyes.  Take a look at these examples of Seventh Wonder gardens over time.  And be sure to watch the video of just 6 weeks of heuchera growth!